Why should I get dental implants?

Why should I get dental implants?

If you are thinking of getting Hertfordshire dental implants, then there are many great benefits that come along with them. This treatment is one of the best ways to replace missing teeth, and it can be done in only 2 surgical appointments.

How does it work?

As with any dental treatment, you will firstly have a consultation meeting so that your dentist can examine the area and discuss the process with you. Your dentist will take scans such as X-rays so they can see if you have enough bone structure to be eligible for the treatment. Once this is done and if you are eligible, you will then have your first surgical appointment. During this, your dentist will open up the gum to expose the bone underneath, and insert the implant post. The area will then be closed up and it will be left to fuse to your bone for several months.

During your second appointment, your custom-made crown will be attached to the implant post. This is a piece of porcelain that is shaped and coloured like a tooth, and you can choose to have a removable or permanent one. Once the crown is attached the process is complete! It’s as simple as that. You may be recommended to wash your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash for a week or so after to help with minimising the amount of bacteria that attaches to the area.

What are the advantages?

There are so many great advantages that you can enjoy with this particular type of artificial device, so it is very worthwhile to look into getting them if you are struggling with gaps in your teeth.

The main and most noticeable advantage of this treatment is the appearance of your smile afterwards. The implants look just like your natural teeth due to the porcelain material that is used. The crown that is provided can be altered to match your other teeth as closely as possible, meaning that anyone else won’t even know you have had the implant.

The comfort of implanted teeth is also a big advantage that people love. When you have the implant in and it has fully healed, it will feel no different to your other teeth. This is great as it means you shouldn’t feel any discomfort or have any problems with your speech due to the implants.

The ease of taking care of your implants will also be a great benefit you can enjoy. You won’t need to do anything differently from other people who don’t have implants. All you will need to do is brush and floss regularly, and have dental check-ups every 6 months like anyone else would to maintain your oral health. With the right care, your implants could last for 20 years or more!

Being able to eat whatever you want to is also a huge advantage that comes with this treatment. You won’t have to worry about damaging the implant, as it will be very stable in your jawbone, meaning that you also don’t have to be concerned about them falling out when you eat solid foods.