What Does Hospice Care Cover in Los Angeles Cover and What It Doesn’t

What Does Hospice Care Cover in Los Angeles Cover and What It Doesn’t

When a doctor request hospice care for their patients whose prognosis says six months or less, it’s time for the patient to know what to expect. Many hospice Los Angeles facilities offer curative treatment, palliative care, home care, etc., so people have a general idea of what a hospice facility would be like.

However, most people are unaware of the things that hospice care Los Angeles does not cover. As you look forward to improving your quality of life with hospice, you must know what a hospice does and does not cover.

What Does Hospice Care Cover?

After your regular healthcare provider certifies that you are terminally ill, your hospice doctor is responsible to confirm your life expectancy and declare you qualified for hospice care. The facility will offer services such as palliative care, home care, respite care, and continuous care. You can pick the one you need the most and get started with your hospice care after making it official. If the life expectancy is longer than estimated, you can continue to stay at hospice care and get re-certified if necessary.


What Does Hospice Care NOT Cover?

Hospice care offers home and non-medical facility services to improve the quality of life for a patient. However, the service does not include room and board charges. You can expect some help in terms of medication for pain relief if you are in palliative care, but otherwise, medical treatments and surgeries are not part of hospice. Take cancer patients, for example. If they need extensive medication to manage pain, hospice can offer it, but they won’t receive chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

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