The Miraculous Effect of Miron Glass

The Miraculous Effect of Miron Glass


Although miron glass is an extremely special type of glass, not everyone will know what it is and what is so special about this glass that is also called violet glass. High time, therefore, to take a closer look at it. One thing is certain, miron glass is anything but standard glass. It was already special in the Middle Ages, and it still is today. Therefore it is interesting to look for the possibilities of this specific glass.

The clever Egyptians soon discovered that miron glass was a very special kind of glass

Miron glass was there, then disappeared into anonymity for a very long time, but has been back in full force for about thirty years. It is known that the ancient Egyptians were already eagerly using the glass, if we speak about the period of around 3300 BC. The glass had and still has the color violet, a color that was created by a mixture of oxides and silica. The clever Egyptians soon discovered that the glass broke down light in a special way. Because of this special way of breaking down light, it turned out that flavors and colors remained much longer, as was the case for many other good properties. Valuable and important products simply lasted longer in miron glass. The ingredients never lost any of their quality.

Violet glass always offers unique protection to any product

Meanwhile, many years later, we know that miron glass offers unique protection. The secret is the molecular structure of each substance that is permanently activated by the violet life radiation. This immediately explains the natural preservation capacity that this special glass has. Of course, an awful lot of research has gone into the exact working of miron glass, a glass that has always had something of a mystery because of the way it works and the many questions it raised and continues to raise.

All other light is simply stopped with miron glass

The tests were not without results. It was established that miron glass only lets through the favorable UVA rays and infrared light. All other light is simply stopped and so cannot have any effect on a product. As a result, you can say that there is a unique protective effect. Products and ingredients simply keep the taste, color, smell and structure with special thanks to miron glass. This justifies only one conclusion: miron glass is an extraordinarily special glass. But the Egyptians already knew that back in 3300 BC.