The Many Ways Women Use Botox Beyond Cosmetics

The Many Ways Women Use Botox Beyond Cosmetics

Contrary to popular belief, Botox has more uses than just treating wrinkles. Many people use cosmetic Botox for various conditions. Here are a few ways women and men can use Botox. You may find it helpful in your own life.

Chronic Migraines

Botox has been used to treat chronic migraines for nearly a decade. It’s a great option for those who suffer from daily migraines. The procedure lasts about 15 minutes and involves several injections in the neck and head area every three to four months. It may take up to 10-14 days before you feel relief, and you may need additional injections before experiencing any relief.

Underarm Sweating

FDA-approved in 2004, Botox can also be helpful for those suffering from primary hyperhidrosis, which is excessive armpit sweating. Most patients experience relief after a few days of injections around the affected area. This remedy is effective for 4-12 months. It has also been shown to help those who suffer from excessive sweating in the hands and feet.

Overactive Bladder

Cosmetic Botox can be used to treat overactive bladders, leakage, or accidents. Botox calms the nerves responsible for overstimulating the bladder muscles. The injection is made directly into the bladder muscle. After the procedure, you’ll need to wait at your doctor’s until you are able to urinate. Some reports indicate that relief can be felt within a few weeks, and the effects may last up to eight months.

Temporomandibular Job Dysfunction TMJ or Jaw Tension

Botox is also used to treat TMJ and jaw tension. The doctor will inject botulinum toxins in the areas around your mouth and jaw. This can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on how many injections are needed. Botox can have a wide range of responses. The typical response is noticeable within a few days, and symptoms are significantly reduced over 3-6 months. Additional injections can continue to relieve symptoms.

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