Smiling forms the framework to success in life

While teeth serve the primary mechanical aim of grinding up food to aid digestion and nourish our physical bodies, the aesthetic value of healthy, properly-aligned teeth cannot be underestimated. Indeed, the smile triggers a number of psychosocial benefits which has prompted treatments such as tooth-straightening to join the list of most sought-after dental treatments. In a survey linked to the British Orthodontic Society, dental practitioners reported that there has been a rise in patients, mainly adult patients, seeking orthodontics Navan.

According to the dental practitioners who participated in the official study, the large majority – 80 per cent – of patients who were interested in teeth straightening, belonged to the 26 to 55 age group. This increase in demand in the orthodontics market has been prompted by the availability of less conspicuous, more comfortable teeth-correcting appliances, such as the widely popular retainer-like Invisalign system and other types of clear … Read More