Concerned About an Upcoming Root Canal? 5 Common Endodontic Questions Answered by a Dentist

Root Canal

When you have suffered from a dental infection, the chances are that your dentist will suggest two options to you. If the infection was due to extensive amounts of decay and the tooth cannot be restored, they will suggest an extraction or removal of the entire tooth. But, if the decay is not extensive, or the infection was due to damage in the enamel, then your dental team is highly likely to suggest that you undertake a root canal or endodontics.

Don’t panic! Despite what you may have heard, root canals are fairly straightforward and are a great way to ensure that infections are removed from your tooth.

As you will probably discover during your initial research into the procedure, your dentist Wagga Wagga will have performed this procedure multiple times. Be aware, however, that during the initial X-rays and other tests that if they discover that you have abnormally … Read More