The Incredible Story of Lightweight Wheelchairs

A helping hand

Throughout history, the greatest engineers, scientists and forward thinkers amongst us have always focused their energies on helping those who may be less able to do so themselves. It is possible that this desire to help others is the most human and endearing quality of all mankind. A great example of this is the invention of a wheelchair. It is a remarkable story of design refinement, which is far from over. Each generation of pioneers and engineers has upgraded and advanced the wheelchair, from the days of old, to the lightweight wheelchairs of today, it truly is a testimony to one of humanity’s most positive qualities, the need to care.

Wheelchairs throughout the ages

Wheelchairs which resemble those which are recognized today, first came about in 1783, when English inventor James Heath first created his ‘Bath chair’. Heath’s design was by no means the first wheelchair ever … Read More

Discover the Ingenuity Behind Modern Lightweight Wheelchairs

Helping makes us human

It could be said that one of humanity’s most endearing qualities, and the thing which makes us truly human, is our ability to alter the world around us to cater for the needs of those less able to cope. Nothing better illustrates this than the advent of the wheelchair. Since as long as people have needed them, engineers, designers and forward thinkers have been using the tools and materials around them to afford the ability of the movement to those who require it. From the days of ancient China (525 AD), to the modern lightweight wheelchairs that are available today, it is truly one of humanity’s greatest achievements.

Rolling through the ages

It is difficult to determine when the first wheelchair was created, due to the nature of its function, the fact that the wheel has been around for a long time and the timescale during … Read More