Scared of the Dentist Because of the Needles? 4 Reasons to Seek out ‘Wand Therapy’ in Buckinghamshire

Scared of the Dentist Because of the Needles? 4 Reasons to Seek out ‘Wand Therapy’ in Buckinghamshire


Have you just received one of those dental check-up reminder letters?

When you have a phobia or are nervous with regards to dental procedures, such letters can feel like a bolt to the stomach; you know you have to attend the check-up to keep your teeth healthy but the thought of even entering the surgery brings you out in a cold sweat.

If you are one of the many people who worries about the dental chair because of needles and injections, modern dentistry is the answer for you! When looking for your next dentist in Buckinghamshire to undertake your routine check-up with, look for a surgery that can offer you ‘Wand therapy.’

Looking like a pen but acting like a tiny needle, the Wand therapy system provides you with a painless alternative to the numbing injection, without the associated pressure or soreness.

If you are nervous about needles, there are many reasons to seek out a dental surgery that offers Wand therapy.

No fat lips

Numbing injections are hardly free from unwanted side effects.

If you have ever had an injection in the dental chair, you are probably all too familiar with the ‘fat lip’ feeling and look; hardly discreet and not a great look if you are going to work post-appointment.

The Wand provides a very localized numbing effect, when your dentist in Buckinghamshire presses the Wand to the tooth that requires restorative work, only that tooth will be numbed, with no spreading of the anesthetic into other areas of the mouth.

No more fat lip or unsightly drooling!

No numb face

If you require more extensive dental work, like an extraction or a root canal, you are probably concerned about leaving the surgery with half of your face feeling like a tingling pin cushion.

The Wand is not only great at numbing teeth that need filling or cleaning, but it can also provide a customizable flow of anesthetic, meaning that more complicated dental procedures can be performed without unnecessary discomfort or multiple injections!

Quicker onset


We’ve all been there; waiting somewhat awkwardly in the dental chair for the anaesthetic to take effect, with the dental practitioner glancing at their watch, mentally counting down how long this should take.

Not only are injectable anaesthetics hard to predict in relation to numbing effect, they can also take a fair bit of time to numb the area, meaning time is also wasted during your dental appointment.

The Wand takes effect almost immediately; numbing the desired area and allowing your dental team to take more time to restore your tooth.

No cold burst

Injectable anaesthetic is usually kept at room temperature but, once it is injected into the gum line, it can leave you with a sharp, cold sensation around the injection site; hardly comforting and extremely unpleasant.

As the wand requires less anaesthetic to work correctly, there is no painful burst of cold fluid under the gum line, making the entire procedure more relaxing for both you and your dental practitioner.