On a Straight Path to Straight Teeth

On a Straight Path to Straight Teeth

People have found that it is not only more aesthetically pleasing to see a smile full of straight, healthy teeth, which can give patients more confidence and more opportunities for success, but straight teeth are also healthier.

This is because crowded and crooked teeth are difficult to brush and floss correctly. Tight spaces between teeth in an overcrowded mouth does seem to be linked with a further risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

When a person drinks water, they can flush away food debris that can otherwise play a significant role in the buildup of plaque and bad breath. Crooked and crowded teeth can trap this food. Plaque and tartar are one of the leading causes of decay, which can lead to tooth loss if not treated swiftly by dental health care professionals.

It is therefore great to hear that an orthodontist in Harley Street can provide a range of different solutions for patients who seek to enjoy having straighter, healthier teeth so that they can improve both their overall health as well as their confidence. By speaking to a professional today, such patients can understand what model of teeth straightening device would be the best suited for their individual needs

What kind of braces are available?

In order for a child to grow and develop properly, misaligned teeth need to be corrected so that they are able to speak, chew and eat correctly. If left unattended, children may find that they fall behind in school because of speaking impairments, and due to malnourishment from poor nutrition.

In less serious cases, adults can enjoy having straighter teeth so that they can feel better about themselves. Teeth straightening is not only for young adults, even though the treatment is often quicker as younger bones are more adaptable to change. Adults can enjoy having a smile and there are a number of different available devices that can help them to do this.

Traditional models consist of brackets that are glued to teeth with wires connected to them.  These wires are manipulated by a dentist so that teeth are pulled into their correct alignment. It usually takes between a year and eighteen months to complete this treatment and is often used for more severe cases as a dentist has more control over the movement of the teeth.

Removable devices give patients more control and are designed using a digital scan that pinpoints the correct way in which teeth should be realigned. Clear trays are then made, and the patient will wear these for several weeks, and for no less than twenty hours every day.

What changes can be made to improve overall health

Braces enable individuals to make small changes to their lifestyle which can have a positive effect on their overall health and wellbeing. Removable aligners cannot be worn whilst eating and demand that a patient should brush their teeth before reapplying in order to minimize bad breath.

Snacking is often kept to a minimum throughout teeth straightening journey due to the need to either remove the aligner or to ensure that certain foods do not get stuck on them. It can therefore be said that braces may impact diet in a positive way, and that teeth straightening can be a great opportunity to improve overall health.