Looking for Clear Braces in Sheffield

Looking for Clear Braces in Sheffield

Clear Braces

Having misaligned or crooked teeth is nothing that anyone must suffer with in this age of modern dentistry. There are more treatment options available than ever before. The use of state-of-the-art materials has led to the creation of orthodontic devices that sit comfortably in position in the mouth and are hard for others to see.

Dee Kay Dental is now offering treatments using clear braces, in Sheffield, to their patients. These treatments are aimed at adults in the area who need orthodontic treatment, meaning their patients no longer have to live with misaligned teeth or the issues associated with this quite common, but easy to treat, issue.

Benefits when compared to traditional braces

It is easy to understand why many people may not have received alignment treatment in their teenage years, leading to an increase in the adult population of the UK living with this issue. Traditional braces have been historically perceived in a negative light, many times being seen as ugly looking and uncomfortable.

This gave rise to many potential teenagers in need of treatments refusing to undergo it. They feared they might have become a target for ridicule and bullying, at a time in life when they may already feel fragile.

Even in Adulthood, many of us continue to feel self-conscious when it comes to image, again leading to a reluctance to receive tooth alignment treatments. Clear braces may well be the perfect answer, as once in place they are practically invisible.

Oral Health

Time to improve your oral health

Many people with misaligned teeth tend to suffer from other avoidable oral health issues, through no fault of their own. Misaligned teeth can be more difficult to keep clean, this leads to an increase in the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. In some more severe cases, this can lead to problems with the bite, making eating a harder and more uncomfortable task.

Re-aligning the teeth correctly can decrease the need for dental treatments of a more invasive nature being needed at a later stage. Adding to this fact, it will also help to improve the look of the patient’s mouth giving them the look they may have always wanted.

Understanding the treatment

Before receiving treatment, the patient needs to practice a high standard of oral hygiene, via brushing and flossing. The best way for the patient to understand what they need to do to enhance their oral hygiene is for them to consult with a dental hygienist, who can help tailor an oral hygiene routine to meet their individual needs.

Alignment treatment can normally last between twelve and eighteen months, depending on the type of treatment and the results being aimed for. Some treatment will be based around removable aligners, which have been seen to allow them to feel more comfortable whilst receiving treatment, as they can remove aligners at times of discomfort.

The next step

It is strongly recommended that people who feel they may benefit from tooth alignment treatment, using clear braces, should contact their prefered dental health professional. That way they can access accurate information and advice about treatment, this will help to guide them to the right treatment choice for them.