Looking for a Child-Friendly Dentist? Top Tips to Finding the Perfect Practitioner for Your Child

Looking for a Child-Friendly Dentist? Top Tips to Finding the Perfect Practitioner for Your Child

Child-Friendly Dentist

If you have children, it is unlikely that you have ever got them to their biannual check-ups without a bit of fuss!

While many parents simply want to get the appointment over with as soon as possible at the first dentist that they can get hold of, there are many reasons why it is important to choose a dentist who cares and has extensive experience treating children.

Why? Because, in layman’s terms, children’s teeth are different from adults. Sure, they are semi-permanent and should have all fallen out by the age of 11, but there are many nuances to taking care of ‘baby teeth’ that can be overlooked by dentists.

So, when looking for a Coorparoo family dental practice, it is important to choose a dental team that can cater to your entire family’s dental requirements.

What are the best ways to do this? Read on to find out!

Ask about

If you are new to the area, ask locals about a Coorparoo family dental practice.

When you are picking your children up from school, ask other parents or your child’s doctor about a suitable referral.

Remember to ask why they are recommending that particular dentist; do they take time to reassure nervous children? Do they make the experience fun? Of course, you want your child to enjoy their trips to their family dental practice, so having a fun and compassionate dentist is a necessity.

Current dentist

Alternatively, if you have had a new addition to your family and want to get their dental care off to a good start, ask your current dentist if they know of a dental team who are happy to treat children. Remember, your dentist will likely be part of a professional network of practitioners, and will probably be able to name more than one dentist to suit your child’s requirements.



Where would civilization be without the internet?

If you are not too keen on asking about a child-friendly dental team in person, simply use an online search tool to look around your local area.

You will want to ensure that the dentist you choose can make the experience enjoyable and educational, so always check reviews left by other parents. If you cannot find any review, better to be safe than sorry, so move on to the next shortlisted practitioner.


You’ve identified the dentist that fits all of your requirements and now you are taking your child along for a meeting; what should you look for?

Are they engaging with both you and your child? Do they appear friendly? While it may sound like a stereotype, children are more likely to respond positively to healthcare professionals who smile a lot, so if the dentist isn’t making an effort to appear friendly, your child is unlikely to associate them with an enjoyable time.

Make sure that they are also professional, and that you are satisfied with the level of clinical care they provide to your child.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.