It’s an Emergency! Do I need a Dental Implant in Richmond?

It’s an Emergency! Do I need a Dental Implant in Richmond?


It’s a rainy day and you’re walking down an uneven road when you try to dodge a puddle, but instead slip, and fall. While trying to compose yourself, you realise that something is not right in your mouth. A tooth is missing! You decide to cancel your plans as this is an emergency and you head over to your closest dentist. Your dentist informs you that you need to get a dental implant in Richmond.

Do not fear! Getting a dental implant, one of many dental treatments, is not as scary as it may sound.

How does the dental implant process work?

If you’ve ever had a missing tooth, you know just how frustrating it can be. Difficulty chewing or the embarrassment of not having a full set of teeth can have social, psychological and professional implications for some patients. So, when you walk into a dental studio, you should feel listened to, guided and cared for. That’s the first step in the process.

Secondly, the dentist should run you through the procedure plan. If you were unable to find or save the tooth that fell out, then you’ll need to get your dental implant done in Richmond. During surgery and under local anaesthetic, your dentist will insert a titanium implant into your jaw. This will allow the dentist to apply the crown to the implant. And your dentist will make sure to keep the colour of the new tooth, a similar shade to your other teeth.

Before the crown is added, your dentist will want to make sure that the titanium dental implant has settled into the jawbone. If there is a problem with the dental health of your gums or jawbone, the dentist will give you alternative advice on how to fill the gap in your mouth.


Why should I get a dental implant?

Getting a dental implant in Richmond means three things. Firstly, you no longer need to hide the gap in your mouth. You will also be able to chew normally with the implant and clean your teeth as you would before losing the tooth.

Secondly, if you wait too long after losing a tooth, you run the risk of softening or losing jawbone tissue in the gap. Leaving the gap too long also means that you run the risk of the surrounding teeth slowly shifting place in your mouth. This means that the overall structure and appearance of your face could change over time. If you have many missing teeth in your mouth, the possibility of this happening increases.

The third reason you should get an implant is that it will last for over 10 years if you care for it along with your natural teeth.

Are dental implants pricey?

This answer varies from one dental studio to another. The best thing you can do is to call a dentist in Richmond and find out how much the implant will cost and if they have payment options available.

But remember, don’t only look for the cheapest option; you also need to find a place with a history of happy patients and examples of their completed dental work.

At the end of the day, this kind of long-term investment in your health and appearance is certainly priceless.