How Much Weight Can You Lose With VLCD

How Much Weight Can You Lose With VLCD

A planned and managed low-calorie diet for weight loss can added extra benefit to people with BMI over 30. This 500-800 calorie diet exchanges one or two of your meals with liquid shakes or smoothies. The National Library of Medicine reports that going on a VLCD assists to lose 3-5 pounds per week. It can also reverse diabetes type 2. As well as, a VLCD aids to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and holds the heart healthy. But VLCD is not for everyone. It is not shielded for a perfectly healthy person. Go through this post to know about VLCD, a VLCD diet scheme and advantages.

How does a VLCD Aid weight Loss?

A VLCD reduces blood sugar, detoxifies the body, and makes better the insulin sensitivity, thus multiplying the weight loss in a short period.

Weight Loss

  1. After the scientists at the Newcastle University proven that VLCD can reverse diabetes type II in human beings, scientists at Yale University utilized rat models to discover the way VLCD assists to reverse diabetes type
  2. VLCD Lowers Plasma Glucose: Being on a very low calorie diet for a certain number of days can assist to reduce your blood glucose/sugar levels.
  3. VLCD makes better the Insulin Sensitivity: Making better the insulin sensitivity can aid the cells that take up glucose from the bloodstream and utilize it as serviceable energy. This enhances the satisfaction levels, reduces your food consumption, and stops you from gaining weight.
  4. VLCD Lessens Gluconeogenesis: Gluconeogenesis is the biochemical route that results in the synthesis of glucose (sugar) from non-carbohydrate sources, for example protein. By lessening the gluconeogenesis, your body will reduce the amount of sugar in your blood and stop the collection of excess sugar in the form of fat.
  5. Low in Calories: A very low calorie diet, as the name advises, is very low in calories. When you have fewer calories, the chances of preserving the additional calories as fat are lessened. This results in flab loss.
  6. Consume Healthy Food: Say adieu to junk food packed with unhealthy refined carbs and Trans fats. Healthy foods, cooked well are full of flavor and nutrition and will assist you to keep your calorie intake low and lose weight without damaging your health.
  7. Detoxify the Body: When you look up to VLCD, you will replace a solid meal with a liquid meal. And the finest part of this change is that this liquid diet will assist to detoxify your body by including a powerful dose of antioxidants. These explore the harmful oxygen radicals and reduce the stress levels in your body. And this, successively, results to weight loss.
  8. Improves Gut Health: Replacing one or two meals per day can aid to make finer your gut health. It will assist to clean your colon, better digestion and absorption, and set you free from constipation. When your gut starts to function normally, your metabolic rate will get an improvement and assist you to convert the additional calories into energy.

So, it is all clear that the VLCD works for weight loss.