Fed Up with Your Dentures Rubbing Against Your Gums?

Fed Up with Your Dentures Rubbing Against Your Gums?

It can be a little uncomfortable sometimes if you need to wear dentures, but have you ever thought about getting them supported? Here we look at just five benefits of getting your dentures supported by implants.

Dentures have existed as a tooth replacement solution since ancient Egypt and in modern dental practices today, they are still exceedingly popular amongst patients and dental practitioners.

However, in comparison to more modern dental advances, it can feel quite basic to go through your life wearing dentures that can move and shift, while many dental patients are having dental implants fitted that look great and function just like real teeth.

Is there a way to combine the two? Of course, there is! Today, many dental surgeries are able to offer supported dentures or denture implants in South Yorkshire, as a way of providing patients with the best of both worlds!

So why should you have denture implants in Barnsley? Read on to find out the top five advantages of this ingenious procedure!

More natural, customized appearance

Do you have any photographs of your gorgeous, natural smile? Take them with you to your dental surgery for your implant suitability assessment.

Your dentist will be able to recreate the appearance of your teeth, in colour, size and length so when your new set of dentures arrive, they will look exactly like your former natural teeth.


No more sore spots

A common issue with dentures is that if they begin to move and the dental glue is nowhere nearby, they can begin to rub, gradually building up friction until you are left with a sore spot, an ulcer or an infection.

As dentures that are supported by implants cannot move, you no longer have to worry about keeping dental glue on you at all times and you can, at long last, say goodbye to sore spots on your gums.

Bone regrowth

Has your jawbone receded?

Even after your dentures are fitted to you gum line, your jawbone may still continue to recede, which can cause your dentures to come loose and cause even more issues with rubbing against your gums.

Implants encourage your jawbone to regrow and this will help stabilise your fitted implants, providing the immovable feeling of natural teeth.

Improved bite strength

If you are a fan of corn on the cob or toffee, you will know first-hand how frustrating it can be to give these foods up due to dentures.

Implants not only great for aesthetic purposes but they help to improve your bite strength too, allowing you to confidently bite into any food you want to tuck into, with no worries of them moving or falling out!


Of course, with a set of implant supported dentures, you will be able to smile and laugh without a care in the world and eat what you want, feeling confident in your ability to tackle even the hardest foods, whilst feeling proud of your outward appearance.

What is a side effect of all of the positive aspects of this procedure? Confidence! Wearers of implant supported dentures report higher rates of confidence and happiness, so what are you waiting for?