Does Your Child Require Some Orthodontic Work? The Top 5 Reasons to Say ‘yes’ to the Procedure!

Does Your Child Require Some Orthodontic Work? The Top 5 Reasons to Say ‘yes’ to the Procedure!

When you are told your child requires orthodontic work, it can really put you on the spot.

Indeed, many parents dread their child needing braces due to concerns about how their child’s school life will alter. Will they be bullied? Will they hate me for it?

All of these worries are normal but don’t despair. There are many advantages to your child undertaking orthodontic work at an earlier age and, while it may not feel like it now, one day, they may even thank you for it!

So what are the benefits of your child having fitted braces in Kings Hill? Read on to find out!

Improves symmetry

It is truly remarkable how the alignment of our teeth can impact on our facial appearance.

In a similar way that those who have missing teeth can have a more sunken look to their face, people with misaligned teeth can have unusual facial proportions and an asymmetric appearance; this is especially true if your child has crowded or protruding teeth.

As aligners start to correct these issues from day one, you may find that your child’s face becomes more symmetrical, which can really boost their confidence!

Can help obstructed teeth

Having braces in Kings Hill will inevitably rearrange your child’s teeth and may help with tooth eruptions.

When a mouth is overcrowded, it can stop the eruption of teeth, leading to discomfort and increasing the risk of infection. Having a fitted aligner will alleviate overcrowding and allow unerupted teeth to appear.

Helps with speech

Have you ever wondered why people with no teeth sound different?

It is because their tongue is not being held in place by their teeth and so it is able to move without restriction.

When your child undertakes orthodontic work, their teeth will be moved into the anatomically correct position, meaning their tongue will be more restricted in its movements. This can help reverse speech impediments such as slurred speech and lisping. It also helps with inflections and pronunciations! You may be surprised at how different they sound.

Better long term oral health

Crooked, crowded or gapped teeth can create a real headache when it comes to brushing.

Misalignments can cause small, hidden areas where bacteria can accumulate and lead to secondary issues like tooth decay or periodontal disease.

As your child’s teeth straighten, it will be easier for them to clean them correctly and although many children wearing aligners require additional hygienist visits for the prevention of these secondary issues, the majority of children experience an improvement in their oral health.


The main concern most parents have about their children having orthodontic work is the impact it will have on their confidence.

Remember, that aligners are only temporary and as your child grows, they will come to appreciate their straight smile, which wouldn’t have been possible without the orthodontic work. Also, those who undertake orthodontic treatment at a younger age have a better chance of permanent realignment success than those who leave it until later in life.