Do you wish you had a straighter smile?

Do you wish you had a straighter smile?

Having an uneven smile can lead to all sorts of confidence issues and the inability to smile proudly in public. Many people, even though they are unhappy with their smile, are reluctant to undergo teeth straightening treatment for a variety of reasons. Some people believe it is too much of a commitment as it takes several years, whilst other people feel that they are too old for traditional braces as it looks unprofessional at work or leaves them feeling uncomfortable speaking in public. Invisalign St Albans offers an alternative option that is both quicker than traditional straightening treatments and incredibly discreet, with most people not noticing that you are undergoing treatment.

See your final result on day one

When you make the decision to have this treatment you will attend a consultation appointment where a 3D scan is taken of your mouth. This scan will be the basis of your treatment and allows you to see what your final result will look like, as it will produce a series of images that predict how your teeth will move as they make their way to their final, straightened positions. For each different stage you will be provided with a set of clear, plastic aligners. These aligners must be worn in order and for around two weeks at a time each, but this can vary depending on your individual circumstances. Your aligners will fit comfortably over the tops of your own teeth and should be barely visible. You will usually be given a few sets of aligners at a time and will need to attend regular appointments with your dental practitioner, so they can check that your treatment is working effectively and issue you with your next sets of aligners.

A straighter smile in as little as six months

When undergoing teeth straightening treatment time is often important. Some people make the decision to straighten their teeth because of an important social event that is taking place such as a wedding, so this often leaves little time to prepare. This treatment is capable of straightening your teeth in as little as six months, but this can vary depending on the severity of your situation and can take up to eighteen months for some people. This, however, is still considerably quicker than the twenty-four months that other treatments can require. Treatment time can sometimes end up being longer than expected if you have not worn your aligners correctly. They are completely removable which makes brushing your teeth and eating a lot easier, but they still need to be worn for at least twenty-two hours of the day. People who do not wear them for this length of time jeopardise the efficiency of their treatment and could potentially end up needing to restart their treatment, which could also result in additional costs. If you lose your aligners or damage them it is important that you contact your dental practitioner as soon as possible, so they can help to resolve the issue as quickly as they can and provide you with replacement aligners.