Dental appointments- what to do before your check-up

Dental appointments- what to do before your check-up

A visit to the local dentist in Brentwood is, for most people, just another thing on the list to do that day. But for some, it can be a daunting and nerve-rattling experience. However, twice-yearly check-ups are important as preventive measures that allow you to stay on top of your oral health. It also allows you to have appropriate preventive care, without a sudden dental emergency thrusting it upon you!

If you are nervous about attending a check-up it can delay treatment and turn an easily resolved minor ailment into a major procedure, which in the long-term will cost you more time and money.

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If you find your self having palpitations at the very idea of attending your local dental practice, it is important to remember you are not alone. Dental aversions are very common especially in adult patients, most likely due to some unpleasant dental work that was performed in their childhood years. But dentistry has moved on and is much less invasive. The modern role of your dentist in Brentwood is advisory and to help you avoid the need for treatment.

Here’s a checklist to help you along with your next checkup:

Confirming your appointment on the day!

It may sound silly but calling the morning of your check-up and confirming you attendances prepares you to attend and mentally puts you in the driving seat; it’s your appointment and you’ve confirmed it!

Plan your route and give you self extra time, so you are not rushing into the clinic.

Pre-appointment brushing

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There is a habit which is often more extreme in nervous patients and that is pre-appointment brushing. If you know you have halitosis or are a smoker, then a normal bush before arriving at the surgery is polite. But for many, the driving force behind the aggressive panic brushing is a fear of being judged. Not only can this be the precursor to talking yourself out of attending a check-up but is also strictly not necessary. If your teeth are less than perfect and your daily hygiene has been a bit lack for some time, brushing hard an hour before your appointment is going to do little to help and could easily do more harm then good.

Your priority should be to attend your check-up rather than brushing before it.

Talking in-depth

Just because you are going into the treatment room doesn’t mean you’ve done it and you can leave. The point of you check-up is to discuss how things are going with your teeth; do you have any concerns or minor irritations? The dental professional can give you their assessment and advice that you can use to inform and guide your choices. If you try to get it all over and done with as quickly as possible by rushing out the door, it can be hard to have that discussion. It’s important to remember that the role of the clinic is to assist you in maintaining good oral health which often involves a bit of a Q&A session with your dental team. And as always, if you are nervous, tell your team.