Could You do with a Hand When it Comes to Creating or Maintaining Your Website?

Could You do with a Hand When it Comes to Creating or Maintaining Your Website?

Dental Website

To a lot of people, the thought of making a website sounds easy. Just make sure all the links work, that it is visually attractive and contains the required and relevant information that your practice needs. If only it were that easy. Dental websites need to be continuously maintained and updated, not to mention getting seen. These days it does not matter if your website is perfect in terms of its visual design and basic functionality. Unless you have taken the time to ensure that you have implemented several techniques relating to its ability to be discovered by a search engine, you are unlikely to see an increase in traffic to your pages, and this in turn will dramatically reduce your chances of securing new patients. If you find yourself struggling to get your website to appear on the first page of Google, then it may be a good idea to hire a professional to manage your online marketing for you before your competitors get ahead.

Must-have features to get you noticed

Your website is your online window to show everyone what you have to offer. But it can be difficult to remember absolutely everything that needs to be included. It is imperative that you show off your talents and treatments, including a gallery to show the wonderful smiles that you have produced, and testimonials so future patients can see how happy your current ones are. Contact information must be straightforward to find, but you should also utilize Google Maps, getting your practice placed onto the map so people can find all the information they need about your practice condensed down and conveniently in one place. They will be able to call you or get directions to your practice without hesitation, and most importantly you will appear at the top of the Google results page within the map section.

Top Google Result

Tips to reach the top Google result position

Google is the most popular search engine worldwide. Over three billion searches are made every day, and for all of these searches Google carefully optimizes all of the results that it provides. If you optimise your website with things such as keywords and mobile friendly versions you stand a much better chance of achieving a top Google result. Keywords can be used within your professional blog and general text on your webpages, as well as within the metadata of your website. Generally, you want to be focusing on one or two keywords per page or blog post and they will be directly related to dentistry, so when people are searching for a new dentist or treatment your website appears amidst the first few results on page one. A lot of people search for things on Google using a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, and Google recognizes this, producing results that predominantly consist of mobile friendly websites. If you want to ensure that you are reaching as many future patients as possible and are achieving a top result position as often as possible, it is vital that you have both a desktop and mobile friendly version of your website.