Why should I get dental implants?

If you are thinking of getting Hertfordshire dental implants, then there are many great benefits that come along with them. This treatment is one of the best ways to replace missing teeth, and it can be done in only 2 surgical appointments.

How does it work?

As with any dental treatment, you will firstly have a consultation meeting so that your dentist can examine the area and discuss the process with you. Your dentist will take scans such as X-rays so they can see if you have enough bone structure to be eligible for the treatment. Once this is done and if you are eligible, you will then have your first surgical appointment. During this, your dentist will open up the gum to expose the bone underneath, and insert the implant post. The area will then be closed up and it will be left to fuse to your bone … Read More

Dental appointments- what to do before your check-up

A visit to the local dentist in Brentwood is, for most people, just another thing on the list to do that day. But for some, it can be a daunting and nerve-rattling experience. However, twice-yearly check-ups are important as preventive measures that allow you to stay on top of your oral health. It also allows you to have appropriate preventive care, without a sudden dental emergency thrusting it upon you!

If you are nervous about attending a check-up it can delay treatment and turn an easily resolved minor ailment into a major procedure, which in the long-term will cost you more time and money.

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If you find your self having palpitations at the very idea of attending your local dental practice, it is important to remember you are not alone. Dental aversions are very common especially in adult patients, most likely due to some unpleasant dental work that was performed … Read More

Have you been searching for discreet teeth straightening treatments?

A lot of people are reluctant to undergo teeth straightening treatment because they feel that it is a commitment of several years and they are not sure about having unsightly metal brackets attached to the fronts of their teeth. If this sounds familiar then it is time to put your smile first and educate yourself on the subtle, discreet treatments that are now available. Appliances like Incognito Weybridge offer you the chance to straighten your teeth without anyone even noticing unless you decide to tell them. There is more than just one discreet appliance available, but booking a consultation appointment with your dental practitioner will allow them to carry out a thorough examination of your teeth and advise you on which treatment will be the most suitable for you.

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Straightening your teeth can be secret

Also known as lingual braces, this treatment can go completely unnoticed by the people … Read More

Are you about to open your own dental practice?

Obtaining a qualification in dentistry takes dedication, perseverance and a lot of knowledge. However, many dentists struggle when it comes to marketing, as it’s not something that is generally covered within their education. Having a website is a must when you are opening a practice, but dental websites often lack what they really need to give themselves that extra boost that makes them stand out from all of the other mundane practices. There are a number of things that you can do to increase your website’s traffic and encourage new patients to become loyal ones, however marketing can be incredibly time consuming. After spending all day attending to your patients’ needs you may not feel like dedicating your evenings and nights to trying to improve your Google ranking, especially if you are not sure about what you are doing. If you find that you are struggling with getting your website … Read More

Smiling forms the framework to success in life

While teeth serve the primary mechanical aim of grinding up food to aid digestion and nourish our physical bodies, the aesthetic value of healthy, properly-aligned teeth cannot be underestimated. Indeed, the smile triggers a number of psychosocial benefits which has prompted treatments such as tooth-straightening to join the list of most sought-after dental treatments. In a survey linked to the British Orthodontic Society, dental practitioners reported that there has been a rise in patients, mainly adult patients, seeking orthodontics Navan.

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According to the dental practitioners who participated in the official study, the large majority – 80 per cent – of patients who were interested in teeth straightening, belonged to the 26 to 55 age group. This increase in demand in the orthodontics market has been prompted by the availability of less conspicuous, more comfortable teeth-correcting appliances, such as the widely popular retainer-like Invisalign system and other types of clear … Read More