Do you have a confident smile?

If your teeth make you feel self-conscious when you smile, Invisalign in Welwyn can restore your confidence.

Our smile is the most powerful way of expressing our emotions. We smile when we are happy, flirting, embarrassed and on many other occasions. Your life can be affected in so many ways if you are reluctant to smile, because your teeth are crooked or you have unsightly gaps. Your reluctance to smile because you are embarrassed can affect your career, relationships, and indeed your entire life.

Invisalign in Welwyn

In this modern world you don’t need to be diffident when showing your teeth, you can have a bright confident smile and achieve the happy outcomes that you desire.

How can I achieve a confident, radiant smile?

By using virtually invisible aligners your teeth will be straightened and any gaps corrected to give you that perfect smile. This treatment also helps with oral hygiene as teeth … Read More

What does a dentist do?

A dentist is qualified to provide clients with the oral health care that they require. A dentist Luton can offer the best treatments that are designed to improve patients’ dental health and give them confidence about their smile. The highest standard of care is used in the majority of dental surgeries to provide all patients with a relaxed and welcoming environment. Dentists are on hand to strive for excellence and take pride in their work, so patients are normally provided with the cutting edge dentistry that will have a positive effect on their smile. Everything about the best dental practices will have been designed with the patient in mind. Patients should feel comfortable and have their wellbeing looked after when they go to any practice. This article will run through how patients can care for their teeth, as well as the services that should be available to all dental clients.… Read More

Do you wish you had a straighter smile?

Having an uneven smile can lead to all sorts of confidence issues and the inability to smile proudly in public. Many people, even though they are unhappy with their smile, are reluctant to undergo teeth straightening treatment for a variety of reasons. Some people believe it is too much of a commitment as it takes several years, whilst other people feel that they are too old for traditional braces as it looks unprofessional at work or leaves them feeling uncomfortable speaking in public. Invisalign St Albans offers an alternative option that is both quicker than traditional straightening treatments and incredibly discreet, with most people not noticing that you are undergoing treatment.

Invisalign St Albans

See your final result on day one

When you make the decision to have this treatment you will attend a consultation appointment where a 3D scan is taken of your mouth. This scan will be the basis of your … Read More

How can dental diseases reduce quality of life?

In determining quality of life, the ability to carry out everyday activities without any difficulties or discomfort is a lot more important than one might at first think. Imagine what life would be like if you could not chew without pain or smile without feeling embarrassed. Oral functions such as talking, smiling, tasting food or feeling attractive – all of which to a large extent depend on strong and healthy teeth – are closely tied to social interactions where confidence and self-esteem are hugely influential.

artificial dental devices

This brings into focus the real impact poor oral health and dental diseases, such as tooth decay and tooth loss, can play in a person living life to the full. It is only in understanding the full impact of missing adult teeth that one is able to appreciate the importance of mouth rehabilitation and how this can be achieved by efficacious treatments like dental implants Read More

Dental prosthetics are nothing new

Dental Implants in Maidstone may seem new but the idea to make a false tooth and mount it to the jaw to replace a lost one is some of the oldest dentistry we have evidence for.

Prehistoric dentistry

Long before the first written words, there was a need to fix damaged teeth. From a skull discovered in Italy dated at 13,000 years old, we see the first filling. Its a bitumen tar plug in the tooth used to fill a cavity. The tooth appears to have been scraped clean with a flint tool, similar to a tiny chisel before the hot tree tar was poured into the cavity and cooled into a hard plug. If wooden items were used, none have survived to today, so it’s unlikely that this filling was self-administered, but it shines a light onto how the trade of the dentists of the prehistoric period carried out … Read More