A Fully Functional Smile Again

A Fully Functional Smile Again

Dental implants in Clapham are a popular solution to missing teeth. They work by replacing the actual tooth root with a titanium rod that fuses with the jaw bone over time.

This means that they are beneficial for a range of different individuals. They are great for people who have lost a single tooth due to an accident or injury.  They are also beneficial for people who have lost several adjoining teeth for any given reason.  Younger people who have lost teeth can find that their confidence can take a severe hit when they lose a tooth and enjoy the long-term benefits that this solution can offer them.

Lasting for several decades, they can be a lifelong solution for individuals who are looking to regain a comfortable and functional smile so that they can enjoy all that life offers. There are many different ways in which the tooth implant system can benefit an individual, depending on their personal situation.

What are these different ways?

If a person has lost a single tooth, then the traditional implant treatment plan would be ideal for them.  A dentist will ensure that the integrity of other teeth is not compromised, and that the overall health of the person’s mouth is good before deciding whether this treatment is suitable for them.

If everything is okay, they will go ahead and begin the treatment plan.  It begins with a dentist surgically inserting a titanium rod at a site digitally chosen for maximum comfort and longevity.

The implant is given time to heal, and fuse with the jaw bone, in order to create a strong and stable site to which a crown can be permanently attached.  A dentist may be able to adhere to a temporary crown during the initial surgical procedure, or may find it prudent to wait until the site has healed before adding the permanent one.

The crown is created to perfectly fit the individual and will look just like their natural teeth in shape, size and colour.  It will feel and look natural when a person uses their new tooth after it has healed.

For those individuals who have lost several teeth, they may not have to have several implants.  A bridge can be secured onto the titanium rod, supporting up to three or four replacement teeth.

What about people who have dentures?

There is a solution for people who are looking for a more permanent and stable solution to dentures.  By having strategically placed titanium rods on the upper and lower jaws, dentures can be fastened to attachments making them easy to remove and replace.

Only four of the rods are needed for this treatment, reducing the healing time that can have complications for older individuals.  The success rate of this treatment is very high and a dentist will not suggest this solution unless they believe their patient is physically able to heal from the minor surgical procedure.

It is important to speak with a dentist regarding any concerns that one might have in order to fully understand whether this treatment plan is right for them.