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8 Tips to Help Create Your Personalised Puzzles

Personalised puzzles are unique and memorable. There are many different varieties of custom jigsaws available in the market, creating one for your family can be an excellent way to keep those tiny hands busy and away from the TV remote.

Personalised Jigsaw puzzles are entertaining, and one can spend quality and creative time with your family. From searching for the correct type of photo to creating one, it has to go through many processes. It’s fun-filled piecing a custom-made jigsaw together and keeps people of all ages on their toes.

But the question lies in how to make personalised jigsaw puzzles? To make a challenging and affordable custom product available, you need to search online for ideas to cater to all ages and abilities. To make creating a unique, creative personalised puzzle even more accessible, we are listing some quick step-by-step 8 tips to help you turn your picture into a puzzle.

1. Photo Resolution

To ensure your jigsaw looks excellent, choosing a high-resolution image is essential for creating personalised puzzles in Australia. This resolution improves the overall image clarity and makes it easier to identify what picture is on the puzzle piece. Making it easier to make the puzzle. If you upload low-quality images, your jigsaw will look blurry, and it will be very difficult to make.

2. Photo Composition

Give your personalised jigsaw puzzle a portrait-style look and choose only those images that have bright colours and sharp shapes. More complex images can increase the fun and give you a great way to share memories with your loved ones.

3. Number of Photos

Personalised puzzle gifts are a popular trending gift in Australia. It adds an extra challenge to your customised puzzle and ensures it makes a great gift for your loved one. It can be a single photo, or you can add multiple high-resolution pictures with added text and embellishments. The picture and number of photos you choose can affect the difficulty and multiply the engagement level.

4. Create personalised puzzles using treasured family photos

Your puzzle can feature family photo collages, pet-themed photos, or sports-themed photos. You can personalise your photo puzzle using some pre-made jigsaw puzzle designs as per the suited occasion.

5. Use a few colours to create a custom puzzle photo

Contrast is the key when creating custom puzzles. Think about the colours in the photo and the objects. The more objects and colour in the photo the easier the puzzle will be to make. The fewer colours and objects in the photo the harder the puzzle will be to make.

6. Upload the photos properly

Vertical and horizontal puzzles require different dimensional images, so check the sizes mentioned in the platform. After choosing your jigsaw puzzle, use the directions to upload the photos.

7. Create Your Portrait Puzzle

After considering the style and dimension of portrait jigsaw puzzles, pick an image of at least 1000 pixels x 1600 pixels. This choice will help you create a unique gift for your loved ones wherein you can turn their images into puzzles. Take caution in choosing the right images, or else you might end up creating a puzzle that has no variations.

8. Avoid single element themes for your Custom puzzles

Custom puzzles are easy to create but ensure to go with bright pictures with lots of colours and details. Avoid using a minimalist black and white photo to create your personalised puzzles, as they are challenging to assemble. Also avoid using single element themes for your puzzle, as they are pretty tricky to solve.

After You Finish

Making a puzzle is a learning and playing experience, and with all the tips mentioned above, we hope you have got several ideas to create one for the personalised needs that you can treasure forever. Most notably, working on the personalised jigsaw puzzle can help improve thought processes and problem-solving skills. Creating custom puzzles can encourage quality family time and help build cherish-able memories together. So, get uploading now!