What are Dental Implants and Why May I Choose to Undergo Dental Implants Abroad?

Dental implants are essentially a form of dentistry that aims to reduce the discomfort experienced through the loss of one or several teeth within the mouth. Having one or even several teeth missing within the mouth can cause huge disruption to everyday dental takss (such as dental hygiene regime and eating). Dental implants can be looked after in the same way as natural teeth, making them an attractive option to many patients. An individual may wish to undergo dental implants if they have lost one, several, or even a whole row of teeth within the mouth. A patient may lose teeth due to dental health concerns (such as gum disease) as well as an incident. Having one or even several teeth missing within the mouth can knock a patient’s self-confidence majorly, therefore having an emergency temporary dental implant may be a priority for a lot of patients looking towards Dental Implants abroad.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants work by first off having an initial consultation. Within an initial consultation with your dental healthcare professional you may both decipher whether dental implants are suitable for you, and which type of dental implant may be right for your individual dental case. An individual who has only lost one single tooth within the mouth may be a lot simpler than an individual who has lost several, or a whole row of teeth within the mouth.

A dental implant is a popular dental treatment for patients who have lost teeth within the mouth, initially some of the gum tissue is pulled back and then a hole is drilled within the jawbone. A dental implant is positioned within the hole, a temporary healing pack is then added temporarily before the gum is replaced. During the healing process, the bone will grow around the implant, which will provide the most secure fixing possible.  Once the gums are healed to a suitable level, the second part of the dental treatment may commence. The healing cap may then be exposed and replaced with a connector (also known as an abutment) the porcelain crown is then added, boasting an aesthetically natural appearance.

Are there different types of Dental implants?

Within modern dentistry, a wide range of dental implants are now available for both single and multiple tooth loss. Single dental implants are simple, however the same for several tooth loss usually applies. Bridges can be used to replace the natural teeth whether there be the loss of two or three teeth within the mouth. If there is a whole row of teeth missing, then dentures may be more suitable for this patient. Dentures are custom made to each individual patient, moulds or impressions are taken of the mouth. Dentures may be suitable for patients who wish to remove their dental fixture, in order to clean them and sleep. Dental implants are important in order to remove discomfort whilst eating, brushing, and flossing the teeth. Dental Dentures can be used to create a natural looking tooth appearance.