Scared of the Dentist Because of the Needles? 4 Reasons to Seek out ‘Wand Therapy’ in Buckinghamshire

Have you just received one of those dental check-up reminder letters?

When you have a phobia or are nervous with regards to dental procedures, such letters can feel like a bolt to the stomach; you know you have to attend the check-up to keep your teeth healthy but the thought of even entering the surgery brings you out in a cold sweat.

If you are one of the many people who worries about the dental chair because of needles and injections, modern dentistry is the answer for you! When looking for your next dentist in Buckinghamshire to undertake your routine check-up with, look for a surgery that can offer you ‘Wand therapy.’

Looking like a pen but acting like a tiny needle, the Wand therapy system provides you with a painless alternative to the numbing injection, without the associated pressure or soreness.

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A Healthy and Happy Smile

Why shouldn’t people expect a lot from their dentist in W1? These professionals have gone to great lengths so that their patients feel comfortable and encouraged to discuss their dental health options in a relaxed and open environment.

They have ensured that they use only the best material and up-to-date equipment so that their patients are confident that the treatment they are receiving will be long lasting and effective.

Patients can also be confident that preventive care is taken seriously, so that their oral health can be maintained for them to enjoy their healthy smile for years to come.

What a wonderful environment to be in, where patients’ unique needs are first noted, then discussed and are met completely. This is a situation that everybody should be able to enjoy and benefit from.

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On a Straight Path to Straight Teeth

People have found that it is not only more aesthetically pleasing to see a smile full of straight, healthy teeth, which can give patients more confidence and more opportunities for success, but straight teeth are also healthier.

This is because crowded and crooked teeth are difficult to brush and floss correctly. Tight spaces between teeth in an overcrowded mouth does seem to be linked with a further risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

When a person drinks water, they can flush away food debris that can otherwise play a significant role in the buildup of plaque and bad breath. Crooked and crowded teeth can trap this food. Plaque and tartar are one of the leading causes of decay, which can lead to tooth loss if not treated swiftly by dental health care professionals.

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Looking for a New Dentist in Sydney CBD?

When you are looking for a new dental surgery, it can sometimes feel a bit confusing. After all, if like most dental patients, you are looking for something more than a twice-yearly check-up with the odd trip to the hygienist, you may feel spoilt for choice.

As dentistry has evolved into something beyond basic restoration, patients have wanted more from their dental teams. And, of course, with more popular cosmetic options becoming more affordable to the average person, there is more to look for when choosing a suitable dental surgery.

If you want a dentist that can offer you and your family traditional dentistry and cosmetic options too, then you should look for a dentist in Sydney CBD that can offer you a wide range of aesthetic treatments to improve your smile, alongside ensuring that your oral health is up to scratch.

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