The Procedure for Dental Implants Stockton

Dental Implants

People all over are talking about the miracle of dental implants Stockton and how they can help patients from all walks of life improve their smiles as well as their confidence. Whether patients are missing a single tooth due to an accident or decay or they want a whole new set of teeth, implants have become the answer to everyone’s problems with their teeth, or lack of them. But with so much buzz on this procedure, do people really understand what it’s all about, or do they simply have a vague idea that titanium is involved somehow? This article hopes to unpack the procedure and the stages of treatment that can be expected by someone getting implants so that there is no mystery around this life-changing treatment.

The stages of treatment

From start to finish, the procedure for dental implants can take up to about 6 months so it is … Read More

Is it Time You Looked into Dental Implants in Melbourne?

Dental implant

Get the smile you deserve

Anyone who has ever suffered dental trauma or lost teeth will tell you that it is never an easy thing to happen. Whether you slipped during a football game, on ice, or in any number of other ways – losing a tooth is never easy. However, thanks to the wonders of modern dentistry and engineering, restoring and replacing a lost tooth has never been easier. Most people who have lost a tooth opt for dentures or dental crowns because they are not sure of what dental implants in Melbourne actually are, or how they could be benefiting from them.

You are never too late to improve your oral health

Many of us – especially those who are older – opt for dentures and dental bridges if ever a tooth is lost. Although, as anyone who continually wears dentures or has a dental crown will tell … Read More

A Fully Functional Smile Again

Dental implants in Clapham are a popular solution to missing teeth. They work by replacing the actual tooth root with a titanium rod that fuses with the jaw bone over time.

This means that they are beneficial for a range of different individuals. They are great for people who have lost a single tooth due to an accident or injury.  They are also beneficial for people who have lost several adjoining teeth for any given reason.  Younger people who have lost teeth can find that their confidence can take a severe hit when they lose a tooth and enjoy the long-term benefits that this solution can offer them.

Lasting for several decades, they can be a lifelong solution for individuals who are looking to regain a comfortable and functional smile so that they can enjoy all that life offers. There are many different ways in which the tooth implant … Read More

What are Dental Implants and Why May I Choose to Undergo Dental Implants Abroad?

Dental implants are essentially a form of dentistry that aims to reduce the discomfort experienced through the loss of one or several teeth within the mouth. Having one or even several teeth missing within the mouth can cause huge disruption to everyday dental takss (such as dental hygiene regime and eating). Dental implants can be looked after in the same way as natural teeth, making them an attractive option to many patients. An individual may wish to undergo dental implants if they have lost one, several, or even a whole row of teeth within the mouth. A patient may lose teeth due to dental health concerns (such as gum disease) as well as an incident. Having one or even several teeth missing within the mouth can knock a patient’s self-confidence majorly, therefore having an emergency temporary dental implant may be a priority for a lot of patients looking towards Dental Read More

Change the Way You Live Your Life Wearing Tooth Implants

Losing all of your teeth can be hugely traumatic, impacting every avenue of life, from the way you eat to your social life. A gummy mouth will not only affect the way you feel about yourself but also leads to bone loss.

Implants are common for tooth restoration, with millions undergoing tooth implant surgery every year.

So what are dental implants in Melbourne? Read on below to learn about this potentially life-changing prosthesis.

What is an implant?

An implant is a tiny screw that practitioner drills into the jawbone to replace the root of your missing tooth. The piece is made from titanium, a type of metal that the body recognizes as tissue, and not a foreign material that needs to be rejected.

The above was discovered by an orthopedic surgeon decades ago and has since been used in various surgeries to integrate metal with bone. The official term for … Read More