The Incredible Story of Lightweight Wheelchairs

A helping hand

Throughout history, the greatest engineers, scientists and forward thinkers amongst us have always focused their energies on helping those who may be less able to do so themselves. It is possible that this desire to help others is the most human and endearing quality of all mankind. A great example of this is the invention of a wheelchair. It is a remarkable story of design refinement, which is far from over. Each generation of pioneers and engineers has upgraded and advanced the wheelchair, from the days of old, to the lightweight wheelchairs of today, it truly is a testimony to one of humanity’s most positive qualities, the need to care.

Wheelchairs throughout the ages

Wheelchairs which resemble those which are recognized today, first came about in 1783, when English inventor James Heath first created his ‘Bath chair’. Heath’s design was by no means the first wheelchair ever … Read More

A Look at Aesthetic Considerations When Assessing Smiles

There is one overriding criteria when it comes to determining the attractiveness of a person’s smile – the dominance or size of a particular facial feature. As the mouth takes prominence in terms of facial features, it is the teeth (especially the central incisors in the front) that are largely on show.

Teeth-straightening procedures such as Invisalign in Sheffield is widely relied on for improving smiles, and in so doing, helps patients look better and feel better. This is not to mention the health benefits to gums and teeth.

Why a confident smile is so important?

Showing off a brilliant confident smile promotes trustworthiness and success in professional situations. In social contexts, smiling makes one appear more attractive, positive and friendly – attributes that help promote acceptance within society. According to feeling confident, having positive self-esteem and the ability to maintain positive healthy relationships with others is necessary for … Read More

An Overview of Intraoral Scanners as Used in Restorative Dental Procedures

A new wave of dental technology has had a transformative effect on the dental landscape – offering dental practitioners and patients a number of benefits. Dental practitioners can take advantage of enhanced work processes to improve efficiencies, as well as offer patient’s better-quality dental care.

For patients, a dental clinic utilizing the latest available dental technology such as Align Technology’s intraoral scanners (iTero) that is used in Invisalign in Hertfordshire. The digital scan helps to avoid a gag reflex commonly experienced in treatments using the conventional impression. In addition to patient comfort, digital scanning technology results in less time spent in the dentist’s chair.

With all these and more plus points to consider, it comes as no surprise that the estimated global market growth for intraoral scanners according to Allied Market Research is believed to target $557m by 2023.

How smart intraoral scanning technology has been a game-changer

For … Read More

Discover the Ingenuity Behind Modern Lightweight Wheelchairs

Helping makes us human

It could be said that one of humanity’s most endearing qualities, and the thing which makes us truly human, is our ability to alter the world around us to cater for the needs of those less able to cope. Nothing better illustrates this than the advent of the wheelchair. Since as long as people have needed them, engineers, designers and forward thinkers have been using the tools and materials around them to afford the ability of the movement to those who require it. From the days of ancient China (525 AD), to the modern lightweight wheelchairs that are available today, it is truly one of humanity’s greatest achievements.

Rolling through the ages

It is difficult to determine when the first wheelchair was created, due to the nature of its function, the fact that the wheel has been around for a long time and the timescale during … Read More

Scared of the Dentist Because of the Needles? 4 Reasons to Seek out ‘Wand Therapy’ in Buckinghamshire

Have you just received one of those dental check-up reminder letters?

When you have a phobia or are nervous with regards to dental procedures, such letters can feel like a bolt to the stomach; you know you have to attend the check-up to keep your teeth healthy but the thought of even entering the surgery brings you out in a cold sweat.

If you are one of the many people who worries about the dental chair because of needles and injections, modern dentistry is the answer for you! When looking for your next dentist in Buckinghamshire to undertake your routine check-up with, look for a surgery that can offer you ‘Wand therapy.’

Looking like a pen but acting like a tiny needle, the Wand therapy system provides you with a painless alternative to the numbing injection, without the associated pressure or soreness.

If you are nervous about needles, there are … Read More