Dental prosthetics are nothing new

Dental Implants in Maidstone may seem new but the idea to make a false tooth and mount it to the jaw to replace a lost one is some of the oldest dentistry we have evidence for.

Prehistoric dentistry

Long before the first written words, there was a need to fix damaged teeth. From a skull discovered in Italy dated at 13,000 years old, we see the first filling. Its a bitumen tar plug in the tooth used to fill a cavity. The tooth appears to have been scraped clean with a flint tool, similar to a tiny chisel before the hot tree tar was poured into the cavity and cooled into a hard plug. If wooden items were used, none have survived to today, so it’s unlikely that this filling was self-administered, but it shines a light onto how the trade of the dentists of the prehistoric period carried out … Read More

The Procedure for Dental Implants Stockton

Dental Implants

People all over are talking about the miracle of dental implants Stockton and how they can help patients from all walks of life improve their smiles as well as their confidence. Whether patients are missing a single tooth due to an accident or decay or they want a whole new set of teeth, implants have become the answer to everyone’s problems with their teeth, or lack of them. But with so much buzz on this procedure, do people really understand what it’s all about, or do they simply have a vague idea that titanium is involved somehow? This article hopes to unpack the procedure and the stages of treatment that can be expected by someone getting implants so that there is no mystery around this life-changing treatment.

The stages of treatment

From start to finish, the procedure for dental implants can take up to about 6 months so it is … Read More